Ageing society needs new policy approach

Phacharawadee Tasee The 21st century will be the century of the ageing society. According to the United Nations, around 10% of the total population during this century will be defined as ageing (aged 60 or older). This demographic change to an ageing society will require attention and more active responses from policymakers around the world. […]


As Thailand’s population ages and shrinks, policymakers need to speed up efforts to adapt on many fronts.  By Nareerat Wiriyapong Thailand has a 20-year population development plan that contains many measures to deal with a growing ageing population and a shrinking labour force. However, the country’s long record of political volatility suggests that turning plans into […]

Teacher quality project revived

THE Education Ministry is reviving the Khuruthayat Project through which successful candidates will get scholarships to study in teacher-education programmes and get teaching jobs after their graduation. The project, which was scrapped more than a decade ago, aims to recruit quality teachers to the country’s educational sector. Education Council secretarygeneral Prof Piniti Ratananukul yesterday disclosed […]

TDRI calls for public and private sectors to prepare for ageing society

In order to prepare for Thailand’s ageing society, the public and private sectors should push for policies that promote saving and motivate people to work beyond retirement age, an expert at Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) said. TDRI research fellow Jirawat Panpiemras said the government should implement policies that ensure workers have life security, as […]

Ageing society demands urgent pension reform

Worawan Chandoevwit Living as retirees in the next 20-30 years when Thailand will have become an ageing society will not be easy without sufficient welfare support. The pension system needs urgent reform. The current pension system has been seen as a tiffin box with three tiers of unconnected shapes and sizes. What we prefer is […]