Factsheet: Budget & Manpower for Forest Conservation in Thailand

A study executed by Prinyarat Laengcharoen, a researcher in Natural Resources and Environment Program at Thailand Development Research Institute, indicates that there is fiscal imbalance in certain medium-to-large-sized protected areas: they are guarded by a small amount of rangers with less average budget than the small-sized protected areas (the estimate number is calculated from 79 samples).

To increase the efficiency of forest conservation management, it is imperative to find measures and methods which allow these areas to establish their own fiscal system. But how?

Please see more in the latest TDRI factsheet: Budget & Manpower for Forest Conservation in Thailand (Extracted from the studies entitled “A case study from Dong Phayaten-Khao Yai Forest Complex: Assessment of Fiscal Management implemented in protected areas and Fiscal Gap and Financing of Protected Areas in Thailand 2012.