Case Fact Sheet: Defamation case against TDRI’s Research Director (Dr. Deunden Nikomborirak)

TDRI and its Role Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) is a policy research institute, located in Bangkok, Thailand. TDRI was founded in 1984 to provide high quality public policy research to various agencies, including government ministries, public organizations, and international organizations. TDRI consists of over 100 staff members, who are mostly researchers engaging in policy […]

Scholar’s rich public legacy

ฺBangkok post – Editorial The death of renowned economist Deunden Nikomborirak, who was killed by a falling tree at her home in Bangkok yesterday, is a great loss not only for the research community but also for all consumers in Thailand. In her work at the Thailand Development Research Institute, Deunden’s numerous studies provided profound insights and, at […]

Reorienting the Thai Economy to Prepare for the Age of Technological Disruptions

Like it or not, Thailand has to face up to the challenges of disruptive technologies, which have already radically affected many sectors of its economy, from agriculture and industry, to professionals and other services. Unfortunately, the country has yet to formulate a clear strategy about how to confront this challenge. The Thailand Development Research Institute […]

Light Rail Transit: Triumph without govt funding?

Local authorities and civil groups in Khon Kaen have reached a consensus to build a light rail transit system as a starting point of a more ambitious goal of developing a “smart city”. They have set up companies as part of an effort to push the project ahead whether or not they get support from […]

TDRI Quarterly Review (September 2017)

Contents Khanitha Hongprayoon Deunden Nikomborirak Corruption: Lessons learned from Seoul to Bangkok Jirawat Suriyashotichyangkul, Nonarit Bisonyabut, Supachai Sompol Way forward in enhancing business and preventing human rights abuses, and the role of the national human rights commission of Thailand

State-owned firm reform: for better or worse

Deunden Nikomborirak A state-owned enterprise is somewhat an anomaly as it is neither public nor private in nature. It is owned by everyone and yet no one. It’s raison d’etre is often the delivery of public services and yet most operate commercially. How to deal with state-owned enterprises has been a constant challenge facing many […]

Better data needed to help farmers

DEUNDEN NIKOMBORIRAK TIPPATRAI SAELAWONG The food industry is one of the most important business sectors of the Thai economy. This is because it is “home grown” rather than “imported”. Its long domestic value chain from farms to the food processing industry and then on to food transportation and export businesses means a large part of […]

Quest for impartial regulatory bodies

Deunden Nikomborirak Good governance in public utility administration prescribes that the role of policy-making, regulation and service provision should be clearly delineated. Policy-making should rest with the line ministries, regulatory work with independent agencies and service providers with the private sector. But ministries are often loath to relinquish their regulatory grip over public utility service […]

Multifaceted reform is needed to tackle corruption

DEUNDEN NIKOMBORIRAK TIPPATRAI SAELAWONG Corruption has, once again, become the main discussion point in Thai society following the publication of two corruption indexes: Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Corruption Situation Index (CSI). Transparency International’s CPI does not reveal a big change to the situation […]

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