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Work among colleagues with a passion for learning in a supportive environment. At TDRI, we believe putting people first is the secret ingredient to  consistently ranking among the Top 20 think tanks across South Asia, South East Asia, and the Pacific* and being regarded as “Thailand’s most respected economic think tank” by The Economist.

*Excluding India; Think Tank and Civil Societies Program, University of Pennsylvania

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TDRI is committed to developing evidence-based policies for the people. We strive to build a better Thailand, policy-by-policy.

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Opportunity at arm's reach

Say goodbye to bureaucracy. At TDRI, we adopt a horizontal organisational structure. This means that you will get to work closely with leading Research Fellows on a daily basis, learn from the best in the field, have your voice heard, and receive tailored feedback.


We are a community of public-minded people with a thirst for knowledge. We respect individual diversity and harbour a strong team spirit. We share a strong sense of integrity and are committed to conducting rigorous, applicable policy research.

You are in control

Time is the most valuable asset. That is why we give you the flexibility to choose how to optimally spend it. Work from home or from your favourite café? Early bird or night owl? It’s your call. Our flexible, merit-based culture allows you to define work-life balance the way you want it.

Grow with us

We offer a comprehensive suite of training materials, a library, a co-working space to foster collaboration, upskilling grants, as well as frequent live forums where you will get to interact with top thinkers from diverse fields. The opportunities are endless. Just keep learning!

Be among like-minded colleagues

Unlimited learning opportunities, creating impact, and having a flexible lifestyle are among the top reasons people join us for. If you see yourself channelling these values, we can assure you will be in great company!

Economic Sector Studies

Transportation and Logistic Policy

We promote high-quality and safe transport and logistics systems by applying interdisciplinary knowledge to design, plan, and model regulations and infrastructure investment solutions. Additionally, we also research legal fields governing digital technology and innovation, including, but not limited to, data privacy protection and intellectual property laws.

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Economic Transformation Study and Modern Agricultural Policy

Our team aims to raise the income per capita of farmers in the agricultural sector to have well-being similar to workers in other economic sectors.

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Health and Agricultural Policy

The Health and Agriculture team mainly focuses on research and evaluations of health and agricultural policies in a broader context, which includes social protection, education, civil society and political economy.

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Energy Policy

The energy policy research team specializes in analyzing and developing the country’s energy policies. They have collaborated with both public and private organizations to initiate, advocate, and promote sustainable energy policies beneficial to the country.

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Environmental Policy

Business and Sustainable Development

Driving responsible business practices and aligning private incentives with public interests through the uses and promotions of different frameworks and tools, including sustainable development goals, non-financial disclosures and auditing, and sustainable finance

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Green Development and Climate Policy

We use empirical research to support Thailand’s transition to a low-carbon economy, policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation of all sectors to climate change risks. We also prioritise using new tools – such as behavioural economics – to inform policy recommendations.

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Resource Sustainability and Mitigation Policy

Our mission is to maintain the sustainable utilisation of natural resources via a set of well-designed economic incentives and property rights assignments. On mitigation, the team investigates economic efficiency in mitigation as well as carbon sequestration.

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Innovation and Education Policy

Education Reform Policy

Driving human capital development through evidence-based education policies by reforming Thailand’s education system, ensuring people of all ages possess the skills to thrive and have the capability to create societal value in a rapidly changing world

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Innovation Policy for Sustainable Development

Driving sustainable development through innovation policy by reforming the key elements of the innovation system: human capacity building, public resource allocation, and promoting a demand-driven approach

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International Economics and Geopolitics


We are a new team aimed at analysing the economic and development impacts of Thailand’s foreign policies, and promoting the use of economic and development factors in the formulation of Thailand’s foreign policies.

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International Economics and Development Policy

Enabling the local reach and global link of international trade for the inclusive, resilient and sustainable economic development of Thailand

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Labor and Welfare Policy

Labor Market Analytics

Our main aim is to understand Thailand’s labour market using empirical analysis and recommend relevant policies and measures. We thrive through using data to inform our recommendations.

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Inclusive Development Policy

Our team is dedicated to improving the lives of Thai people, especially the disadvantaged, through policy research and advocacy. Our work ranges from inclusive economic development to key themes such as growth, poverty, inequality, and to social protection policies. We strongly adhere to the principle of ‘leaving no one behind.’

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Social Development Policy

Our work covers various social issues ranging from the rights and welfare of vulnerable groups, such as children and migrant workers, to gender inequality, and to social investment.

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Legal Reform

Law for Development

The law and development team explores the relationship between law, society and economic progress, particularly within the context of Thailand. We specialise in law and development, where we explore topics including but not limited to regulatory impact assessment, personal data protection and competition law.

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Law Reform

A group of young legal researchers with a strong passion to strive for in-depth research analysis. Our main focus is on laws and regulations reform using Law and Economics methods to promote cost reduction, increased efficiency, and legal compliance, in line with current socio-economic contexts.

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Digital Law and Infrastructure Regulation

Our team is fervently engaged in exploring the dynamic interplay between swift technological progress and the regulatory structures that oversee them. Amidst the explosive expansion of the digital domain, our team is committed to comprehensively grasping the intricate challenges that emerge in this constantly changing environment. We focus on ensuring the resilience, security, and fairness of digital infrastructures, while also unraveling the complex legal ramifications of cutting-edge technologies. Positioned at the vanguard of formulating insightful policies, our research spans a wide array of topics including technology governance, data privacy, cybersecurity protocols, intellectual property rights, and the infrastructural requisites of our nation.

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Research Methodology

Big Data

We are a small team of programmers that uses AI and big data to increase the productivity of TDRI’s policy research and to enhance the productivity of Thailand’s economy and development.

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Macroeconomic Policy and Applied Economics

The Macroeconomic Policy and Applied Economics Team is dedicated to shaping economic and social policies that promote sustainable and inclusive development in Thailand.

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