TDRI Quarterly Review, December 1990

Contents Narongchai Akrasanee Thailand’s Strategy for Coping with the Gulf Crisis and New Oil Prices Songkram Grachangnetara An Estimate of Cropping Production and Value in Thailand’s Forest Reserves from the 1988 Village Census Suganya Hutaserani The Trends of Income Inequality and Poverty and a Profile of the Urban Poor in Thailand Mathana Phananiramai, Jere R. […]

TDRI Quarterly Review, September 1990

Contents Tienchai Chongpeerapien Oil Transportation in Thailand Chatri Sripaipan Constraints to Technology Development in Rapidly Growing Economy: The Case of Thailand Sacha Sethaputra, Theodore Panayotou, Vute Wangwacharakul Water Resources: Shortage Amidst Abundance Theodore Panayotou, Phanu Kritiporn, Krerkpong Charnpratheep Industrialization and Environment in Thailand, A NIC at What Price?

TDRI Quarterly Review, September 1994

Contents Anand Panyarachun Pacific Regionalism and Global Business Strategies Pitsamai Eamsakulrat, Direk Patmasiriwat, Pablo Huidobro Hazardous Waste Management in Thailand Laura Sallstrom U.S. Withdrawal of Thailand’s GSP Benefits: Real or Imagined? Mingsarn Santikarn Kaosa-ard Thailand Tourism Industry–What Do We Gain and Lose? Nipon Tangtham The Hydrological Roles of Forests in Thailand

TDRI Quarterly Review, June 1994

Contents Deputy Prime Minister Supachai Panitchpakdi Opens TDRI Conference on AFTA Wisarn Pupphavesa, Maureen Grewe Enhancing Thailand’s Trade Policy Through AFTA Scott R. Christensen, Ammar Siamwalla Muddling Toward A Miracle: Thailand and East Asian Growth Kanchit Pianuan, Mingsarn Santikarn Kaosa-ard, Piyanuch Pienchob Bangkok Traffic Congestion: Is There a Solution? Nit Chantramonklasri Science and Technology Development […]

TDRI Quarterly Review, September 1986

Contents A Comment on the World Development Report 1986 The New Keynesian Economics Technology Development for Infant Industry Protection The Horn-Drums Are coming Environmental Quality Management: A Crisis of Confidence TDRI RESEARCH REVIEW Rural Land Use Project Vegetable Oil and Animal Feed Model for Thailand Second Phase Import Substitution in Thailand

TDRI Quarterly Review, March 1991

Contents Summary of Proceedings of the 1990 Year-End Conference “Industrializing Thailand and Its Impact on the Environment” Charles N. Myers, Teera Ashakul AIDS in Thailand: Some Preliminary Findings Shantayanan Devarajan, Somchai Jitsuchon, Chalongphob Sussangkarn A Value-Added Tax (VAT) in Thailand: Who Wins and Who Loses? Thedore Panayotou, Dhira Phantumvanit Rural Natural Resources Management: Lessons From […]

TDRI Quarterly Review, December 1986

Contents TDRI 1986 Year-end Conference “Resources Management” Virabongsa Ramangkura Financial Resources Chalongphob Sussangkarn Human Resources Dhira Phantumvanit Natural Resources Saburo Okita Japan-Thailand Relations Today TDRI RESEARCH REVIEW TDRI Rural Development Project The Status of Coastal and Marine Resources of Thailand Policy on the Stabilization of Chicken Prices

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