Work together to stop harassment

BOONWARA SUMANO CHENPHUENGPAWN          N ANEKSOMBOONPHON The United Nations’ survey in 2019 found that one third of UN staff and contractors have experienced sexual harassment over the past two years, and that two thirds of those offenders were men. Such statistics are quite alarming, as the UN is a top promoter of equality and human rights. Even […]

TDRI urges cheap fares for new rail routes

The Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) is studying how electric train fares could be adjusted along new routes to ensure fairness and affordability to all commuters. Sumet Ongkittikul, director of the TDRI’s Transport and Logistics Policy, said the results will be presented to the government. The TDRI, he said, found that a low-income earner can afford to […]

Respect domestic workers’ rights

NATTHANICHA LEPHILIBERT          BOONWARA SUMANO CHENPHUENGPAWN      Noi is a Thai woman who has been a domestic helper for more than 20 years. Her job does not limit her to keeping the house tidy, it also involves taking an elderly woman for check-ups at a hospital, shopping, and managing all miscellaneous things concerning the woman’s affairs. It is […]

Longevity society: Thailand at a crossroad

TDRI urges Thailand to adopt policies for longevity society before it is too late Extend retirement age. Support labour-saving technology. Promote active ageing. Help workers learn new skills. Set up old-age insurance system. And reduce the number of conscripts to ease labour shortage. Thailand needs to implement these measures to sustain economic growth as the […]

Greying nation must talk about death

Wannapha Kunakornvong We may not know when death will strike, but we can certainly choose to have a good death. However, if you don’t know how to do it, you are not alone. The right to have a good death is the right to pass away naturally and peacefully without having to go through painful […]

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