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Research Projects


– Nonarit Bisonyabut and Jirawat Panpiemras. 2014. Work Extension for workers age 50-59: Its implications for Thailand’s aging economy. (in Thai)


– Chulalongkorn University Research Team (Department of Economics). 2013. Opportunity and Threat under ASEAN comprehensive investment agreement (ACIA). (in Thai)

– TDRI research team. 2013. The Impacts of AEC on Thailand’s Macroeconomic Structure. (in Thai)

– Nonarit Bisonyabut  and Panutat Satchachai. 2013. Determinants and Impacts of the Outward Foreign Direct Investment on the Development of the Electrical and Electronics Industry in Thailand. Icon_PDF Icon_PPT

– Nonarit Bisonyabut . 2013.Some Observations on the Structural Transformation, Development Path and the Middle-Income Trap. Icon_PPT


– Nonarit Bisonyabut and Jirawat Panpiemras. 2012. Technological Progress, Aging Society and Economic growth in Thailand. Icon_PDF Icon_PPT

– Nonarit Bisonyabut and Panutat Satchachai. 2555.  A Comparative Study of the Efficiency of Thai Industries in Comparison with Their Corresponding Leading World Industries. Icon_PDF Icon_PPT


– Somchai Jitsuchon, Nuntaporn Methakunavut, Nonarit Bisonyabut, and Pat Pattanarangsun.2011. Financing Research and Development in Thailand.  Icon_PPT

TDRI Quarterly Reviews

– September 2013. Thailand’s Economic Growth after 1992: Was that Growth Pro-poor?. Icon_PDF

– March 2012. Growth Accounting: Its Past, Present and Future. Icon_PDF