The TDRI is continually seeking to recruitment.



Current preference is for candidates possessing a Ph.D. or a Master or Bachelors degree in economics who are interested in policy research. Fluency in Thai is essential. Good command of English is an advantage.

Nature of Work:

The Institute carries out numerous research projects for various agencies. Most projects are related in some way to policy analysis and recommendations; for example projects focusing on policy issues and strategies, projects providing planning support to various agencies, and projects involving regulatory and institutional reforms. Examples of various projects can be found on the TDRI website.

Working Environment:

TDRI has an informal working environment, emphasizing team work and a collegial spirit. Staff members are given plenty of room to use their own initiatives.

Career Path:

New recruits are expected to participate in various research projects to broaden their research horizon. Over time, they are expected to develop in-depth expertise in a specific research area and to help shape the Institute’s research direction in that area. Senior staff are expected to be able to contribute to national policy debates on issues that are within their areas of expertise.


TDRI has a flexible pay structure, depending upon qualifications, experience and contributing role to the Institute’s work.


Interested candidates can contact Human Resource Services Division : or 02-718-5460 ext. 210, 086-3769216