Adaptability is key to national survival

Covid-19. Technological disruption. Climate crisis. These have happened at a rapid pace that challenges the adaptability of people around the world. Is Thailand prepared to withstand these challenges? Ask the children — the future of the country — and their answers, according to the 2018 PISA Survey of 15-year-old children around the world, are not […]

Green Growth is the way forward for Thailand

Amid the climate crisis and global economic stagnation, Thailand still can grow sustainably if it pursues a new economic pathway through green growth. The development model which destroys natural resources for runaway growth without concerns for the environment no longer works, said TDRI researchers Kannika Thampanishvong and Charika Channuntapipat Climate change is turning the planet […]

Thailand needs a new growth pathway

Unemployment. Bankruptcy. Rising inequality and a deteriorating environment. Can Thailand, weighed down by its ageing population, recover from the Covid-19 economic and public health crises to build a more secure future? No, if policymakers still pursue an economic growth strategy that weakens the people and destroys the environment to serve the rich few. Yes, the […]