TDRI Quarterly Review (December 2023)

Gender and Climate Change: Evidence from the Coastal Areas in Thailand By Boonwara Sumano Chenphuengpawn, Nitchakarn Kaewbuadee Keys to Prepare Thai Businesses for the Age of a Low-carbon Economy: Data and Financing By Charika Channuntapipat, Saliltorn Thongmeensuk, Khajornphong Prasastranuvat, Pitchapon Jirawongsapan, Korntawat Jiraruangrattana, Aekpaween Anuson

Closing worker camps needs a rethink

On June 27, the government announced that accommodation for workers both inside and outside of the construction sites, building transformation sites or demolition of building sites shall be temporarily closed, while movement of workers shall be prohibited temporarily for at least thirty days.[1] The government reacted quickly in respond to the growing number of clusters of COVID-19 […]

Migrant workers must get shots too

On March 4, the Ministry of Labour planned to discuss with the Social Security Board about offering free Covid?19 vaccines to migrant workers who were insured under the social security programme. Migrant workers are vital to Thai industries and the economy; therefore, they should not be left out of the vaccination programme, said the labour […]

Respect domestic workers’ rights

NATTHANICHA LEPHILIBERT          BOONWARA SUMANO CHENPHUENGPAWN      Noi is a Thai woman who has been a domestic helper for more than 20 years. Her job does not limit her to keeping the house tidy, it also involves taking an elderly woman for check-ups at a hospital, shopping, and managing all miscellaneous things concerning the woman’s affairs. It is […]

Reorienting the Thai Economy to Prepare for the Age of Technological Disruptions

Like it or not, Thailand has to face up to the challenges of disruptive technologies, which have already radically affected many sectors of its economy, from agriculture and industry, to professionals and other services. Unfortunately, the country has yet to formulate a clear strategy about how to confront this challenge. The Thailand Development Research Institute […]