Decentralisation key to ending water wars

NIPON POAPONGSAKORN NUJPANIT NARKPITAKS Water is the lifeblood of agriculture. It has significant impacts on the livelihood of millions of Thai farmers. Early on in rainy season this year, farmers in the Central Plains suffered from one of the most intense droughts in the last five decades. Evidence shows that this year is one of […]

Nipon pins water crisis on Yingluck

¬† ¬†APINYA WIPATAYOTIN Political interference in water management to support the rice-pledging scheme and poor dam management are to blame for the current water crisis, an expert at the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) says. Nipon Poapongsakorn, a TDRI distinguished fellow, said the current water shortage has its origin in the mega-flood that hit the […]