Time to ease Thai bond market rules

The Thai bond market, with massive valuations surpassing 16.7 trillion baht as of the end of the third quarter of 2023 and continuous prospective growth, is a crucial mechanism in the capital market and the Thai economy. Net market value could rise by over 386 million baht per year if legal restrictions on bond trading […]

Reconsidering unclaimed dividends

Every year, a significant amount of unclaimed stock dividends accumulates due to a loss of contact with some of the rightful owners. This amount is substantial. For example, unclaimed dividends at the Thailand Securities Depository (TSD) have grown to 746 million baht over 10 years. Similarly, asset management companies face this issue with mutual funds […]

Reforming the capital market landscape

The capital market plays a significant role in the country’s socio-economy. Not only does it serve as a funding source for the public and private sectors, but it can also help maintain balance in the financial system, which is a crucial mechanism for economic growth, job and income distribution and public saving. In light of the greater influence exerted by global economic processes, the capital market must also adapt and […]