Digital treasure trove threatens privacy

With the runaway digital boom, Thailand faces a critical question: Is the country adequately prepared to shield its citizens’ personal information from potential misuse? Due to their rapid growth, digital platform businesses propelled their value to over 900 billion baht in 2021. Their prowess lies in their capacity to compile and process vast data, enabling […]

Protecting children on social media 

Is it wrong to post video clips or photos of children on social media? Maybe this is the wrong question. Instead, we should ask whether those posts are legal or not. The question of the appropriateness of posting children’s photos or video clips on social media has raised a storm of debate recently with an […]

People-centric attitude to data safety

Cyber attacks and ransomware have become crimes of modern digital society. Yet, in Thailand what is of new concern is the attack on government database sources – particularly those of state hospitals. In September last year, Saraburi Hospital’s database was hacked and the attackers gained access to information of patients. Last month alone there were […]