‘Flipping’ the reform of education

SUPANUTT SASIWUTTIWAT CHOSITA SALAKHAM Thailand has been continuously attempting to reform its education system through a top-down approach by overhauling the Ministry of Education and tweaking some laws and regulations. It was speculated that this would eventually improve the learning outcome in all schools. Unfortunately, the attempts have not borne fruit as frequent political changes, […]

Addressing three shortfalls in our education system

Nonarit Bisonyabut For decades, education has been one of the major vulnerable areas for Thailand. We have witnessed at least three education reforms and yet another reform is happening at this moment. Despite much effort and a huge budget allocation, the overall performance of the educational system remains at a disappointing level. To my knowledge, […]

Educational challenges beyond Pisa

Wanwisa Suebnusorn The world leader in the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) tests is working on its weaknesses while Thailand’s Pisa performance continues to lag far behind, yet both countries face similar challenges. China’s basic education this decade has captured international attention with Shanghai-China’s top scores in Pisa tests for two consecutive rounds. However, […]