A modest wish list

Once the soldiers are dismissed and a functioning government put in place, the heavy lifting must begin. CHANAT KATANYU The business community wants the forthcoming interim government to immediately address pressing issues that have plunged the Thai economy into recession and spurred idle talk of becoming the region’s “sick man”. The Bangkok Post surveyed business […]

Meet hears ways to tackle graft, inequality and boost competitiveness

Erich Parpart Reform and investment in logistics along with the introduction of institutions to tackle the problems of corruption, economic inequality and the middle-income trap were the main topics of discussion for academics and economists at a Thammasat University-sponsored seminar yesterday. Participants agreed that investment in logistics was crucial to increase the country’s competitiveness and […]

The great rice fiddle

>>When Commerce Minister Niwatthamrong Bunsongphaisan told the sad story of how the current political brouhaha cost Thailand and its noble rice farmers a 1.2-million-tonne rice sale to China, the most common reaction was,”Huh?” This was the sale announced with fanfare last year, proving government-to-government rice sales were viable and successful. To put it another way,it […]