Cannabis use a recipe for road chaos

The decriminalisation of cannabis, which took effect on June 9, has triggered wide debate across Thai society. While the bold policy aims at promoting the controversial plant for medical purposes, there are growing concerns over misuse, including driving under the influence of cannabis as well as underage consumption. Cannabis decriminalisation allows people to use all […]

Better design of roads can save lives

The tragic death of Dr Waraluck Supawatjariyakul, an ophthalmologist with Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine, who was hit by a powerful big bike as she was negotiating a zebra crossing in January highlights a sad fact about the danger pedestrians face in their everyday lives. Apart from the recklessness of the motorcyclist who is also […]

Retest senior drivers for road safety

Chattrika NapatanapongNapat Pattarapisan Should senior drivers holding lifetime driving licences have a retest to see if they are still fit to drive? Common sense says yes. But when the idea to retest senior drivers over 70 was floated, it was immediately attacked and subsequently dropped. Should it, really? Thailand’s road accidents are among the highest […]

Flirting with road risk a fatal pursuit

Natcha O-charoen For many years, Thailand has earned notoriety in the area of road fatalities. High death tolls, mostly resulting from reckless driving, have prompted the state and its partners to invest enormously in road safety campaigns, with less-than-impressive results, however. The World Health Organisation in its Global Road Safety Report in 2015 ranked Thailand […]