Removing oppressive school rules

School uniform and hairstyle rules are part and parcel of Thailand’s education.Three years ago, groups that called themselves “progressive students” started to challenge the stiff rules, calling for the state to respect their rights to make their own decisions. The staunch campaign caused the Ministry of Education (MOE) to ease its rules on hairstyles, allowing […]

BMA fails capital’s children in need

Whoever wins, the new Bangkok governor must bridge the appalling education disparity between the rich and the poor to give children in need a better fighting chance in life Whoever wins, he or she has no excuse not to. Bangkok has an annual budget of over 80 billion baht. Its administration is independent of the […]

Teachers need to learn child rights

Thunhavich Thitiratsakul Hitting a preschooler on the head. Pushing a toddler down on the floor. Shoving a black plastic bag over a child’s head – a technique security personnel use to torture terrorists. This was how a group of teachers at a famous private school “disciplined” kindergarteners. The country was shocked and angry. But when […]