Energy conservation begins at home

Kannika Thampanishvong One of the most important policy challenges facing Thailand is how to promote electricity conservation. Rapid economic growth has spurred electricity demand in Thailand. While the industrial sector, the business sector and the public sector undoubtedly have a role to play, households remain responsible for 23% of national electricity consumption. The residential sector […]

Changing status of elephants in Thailand A CAUSE FOR WORRY

ADIS ISRANGKURA In Thai culture, no animal can rival the significance the elephant enjoys. In centuries past they ferried merchandise across the country, transported people over rough terrain, harvested timber and earned fame and notoriety for their fierce exploits in war. Thais regarded elephants as sacred creatures. Capturing these beasts in the wild had to […]

Govt push to inject transparency slows ‘Little progress’ in reining in monopolies

ACHARA ASHAYAGACHAT Government efforts to increase transparency through policy have been slow, particularly for setting limits on state monopolistic power, according to the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI). The TDRI found that six months into office, the government has made little progress in limiting state power monopolies, said Tippatrai Saelawong, a TDRI researcher. The research […]