Factors affecting the decision to act dishonestly

Boonwara Sumano Corruption is something everybody has been talking about and some are even upset about. Unfortunately corruption is a subject which people understand very little about. This is because corruption involves dishonest actions that are both immoral and illegal, which prompts people to conceal it. A number of previous studies attempted to look at […]

Quest for impartial regulatory bodies

Deunden Nikomborirak Good governance in public utility administration prescribes that the role of policy-making, regulation and service provision should be clearly delineated. Policy-making should rest with the line ministries, regulatory work with independent agencies and service providers with the private sector. But ministries are often loath to relinquish their regulatory grip over public utility service […]

Multifaceted reform is needed to tackle corruption

DEUNDEN NIKOMBORIRAK TIPPATRAI SAELAWONG Corruption has, once again, become the main discussion point in Thai society following the publication of two corruption indexes: Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Corruption Situation Index (CSI). Transparency International’s CPI does not reveal a big change to the situation […]