Impasse hikes unemployment

Sriwipa Siripunyawit The political stand-offis dragging down labour demand, writes Thailand’s unemployment rate will likely rise following the political impasse that has taken a serious toll on the economy as well as public and private investment. This will add to the slight increase in unemployment in the past year due to the 300-baht minimum daily […]

Reeling from the wage hike

Sriwipa Siripunyawit Government-mandated increase has led to lay-offs amid a labour shortage and even lower earnings. It was just another morning when Somporn, a 40-year-old worker in a ceramics plant, awoke to find she had lost the job she had held for several years. In fact, she’d anticipated this day would come, as the plant […]

Prices outpace higher pay

Saijai Kheuklang, a 45-year-old factory worker, takes off from her job and heads home. On the way, she stops at the usual market to get food for her family’s dinner. And today she has a few 100-baht notes in hand to make sure she gets enough groceries. “Everything has become much more expensive these days,” […]