Low-income baby grants scheme needs fine-tuning

Chayathorn Termariyabuit In its attempt to eradicate poverty from Thailand, the Prayut Chano-cha government has come up with a number of aid schemes for the poor. One of them is the child support grant – a programme that provides a subsidy as basic welfare for newborn babies from poor families or households considered at risk […]

Registering the poor to beat poverty

SOMCHAI JITSUCHON PROUDFONG CHAMORNCHAN KANTAPHON AMORNRAT The Prayut Chan-o-cha government has made another attempt to tackle poverty. It has announced a plan to register more low-income Thais for the “Government Welfare Registration Programme”, which was first put in place last year to use as a database for disbursing one-time cash grants at the end of […]

Pension advocate calls for overhaul of funds

A national body should be established to manage people’s pension funds and tackle any discrepancies between the funds, according to Worawan Chandoevwit, social security adviser to the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI). The body should work the same way as a national committee to ensure the pension funds, which cater to various groups of workers, […]