TDRI offers a hands-on internship experience where you can learn from professionals and get a real taster of what it’s like to be a policy researcher.

We accept interns throughout the year; however, the flagship TDRI
Internship Programme applications are accepted on a rolling basis
only until May 31st, Don’t miss this opportunity to gain
valuable skills and experience!​


Our Internship Programme

Public Policy Workshop

Unfamiliar with the field of public policy research? Our internship programme has got you covered! We provide a comprehensive introduction to the subject, including an overview of the policy-making process and the way in which disciplines like economics and law intersect with public policy.

Academic Roundtable Discussion

Enjoy a selection of informal, intellectual discussions with our scholars. Learn about their latest research findings and insights on current issues in Thailand, including climate change and inequality, and have a chance to share your insights and ask any questions.

Hands-On Assignments

Be in the room where it happens, helping make it happen. Work closely with TDRI staff on real-world issues facing Thailand and gain hands-on experience through activities such as conducting literature reviews, participating in on-site interviews with policy makers, analysing field data and formulating policy recommendations.

Intern Testimonials

“I really felt like I learned a lot during the internship. My seniors were very supportive and took the time to give me feedback that helped improved my work. I was also very impressed with the variety and frequency of training opportunities available. During the short internship period, I was able to attend 2 book talks and a panel on cybersecurity from an economic perspective with industry-leading CEOs”


Natcha Yongphiphatwong (Pun Pun)

TDRI Intern, Class of 2020 | Researcher in the Innovation Policy for Sustainable Development Team

“The work at TDRI can be challenging, but that is what makes it so rewarding. You may feel a sense of accomplishment when you successfully complete a project or contribute to significant research finding. At the end of the day, seeing the positive impact of your work on society can be incredibly inspiring. You may feel motivated to continue working towards making a positive impact and strive for excellence in all your future endeavours.”

Chakorn Loetnithat (Boat)

TDRI Intern, Class of 2016 | Researcher in the Inclusive Development Policy Team | TDRI-Lead Policy Researchers Grant Recipient

“The internship at TDRI stimulated my interest and steered my career path towards policy research. During the internship, I felt included as part of the team, not just as an intern, and performed tasks that a full-time researcher is expected to perform. The people at TDRI are among the friendliest and I learned tremendously from them, both in terms of analytical thinking and research skills. It was the best internship experience that one could ask for.”

Nopparuj Chindasombatcharoen (New)

TDRI Intern, Class of 2019 and 2020 | TDRI Research Fellow Candidate | TDRI-Young Policy Researchers Grant Recipient

What we’re looking for



Thirst and passion for knowledge

We expect that everyone at TDRI takes the initiative to learn. To facilitate this, we will support you in procuring books and learning courses.


Dedication to evidence-based policy research

Our success depends on our researchers’ commitment to deliver high quality work, despite the constraints and limitations. We use evidence to support our policy recommendations and not the other way round.

Respect for individual diversity and team spirit

We encourage independence of thought, balanced with being respectful of each other’s opinion, in order to foster an environment conducive towards good teamwork.

Integrity with public-mindedness

We uphold neutrality when facing any political and ideological divisions. We communicate and collaborate with integrity for the public’s best interest.

Degree Requirement

We look for applicants currently undertaking or is a recent graduate of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Although around half of our research staff have a background in economics, we welcome applicants from all fields of studies as long as they have a growth mindset, are public minded and ready to learn.

How we’ll support you

Generous benefits to help you become the best version of yourself…


Training Opportunities

We never go a month without inviting top minds from Thailand and internationally to give talks on timely topics of their expertise. We also have a book club where you can share your favourite readings while refining your presentation skills.

Education Grant

At TDRI, we value your learning capabilities. We provide opportunities for you to study further with our TDRI scholarships programme to help you in the path to upgrading research-relevant skills and build your career as a public policy researcher.


Flexible Work Hours

We trust you. That’s why we give you a lot of freedom to decide when and where you work. This way you can be in your most productive setting and spend more time with your family.

Sports Facilities

Our office features a gym and yoga studio. We have a badminton and football club, playing weekly.

How to Apply

1. Submit your Documents

We want to get to know you! Tell us about your experiences through your CV and transcript. Submitting a cover letter and samples of your previous work would also be helpful.

Find out more about what we look for…


2. Interview

You may be contacted back for an interview with your future colleagues.

Find out more about what we look for…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application deadline?

TDRI accepts Interns throughout the year. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience!

What are the TDRI's policies on working from home?

Most teams at TDRI operate on a hybrid basis, and the mix between work-from-home and work-from-office differs by team.

How do I travel to TDRI?

You can reach us by car and take advantage of our ample parking space. For those using public transportation, we offer a complimentary pick-up service from the Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station and the Airport Rail Link Ramkhamhaeng station at 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM respectively. Additionally, we provide a drop-off service at 4:35 PM and 5:45 PM respectively.

Is TDRI a government agency?

TDRI is a non-profit organization, not a government agency. We are governed by a board of directors and a board of trustees composed of leading experts in various fields, such economics, business, law, technology, media, and public policy.