Cannabis use a recipe for road chaos

The decriminalisation of cannabis, which took effect on June 9, has triggered wide debate across Thai society. While the bold policy aims at promoting the controversial plant for medical purposes, there are growing concerns over misuse, including driving under the influence of cannabis as well as underage consumption. Cannabis decriminalisation allows people to use all […]

Thailand should legalise prostitution

Thanks to the hit biopic Gangubai Kathiawadi on Netflix, the plight of Thai sex workers and their needs for legal protection are back in the spotlight. Their demands are simple — stop treating us as criminals. Sex workers are workers, give us our labour rights like other professions. We are equal human beings. Give us […]

How to avoid EEC waste ‘time bomb’

Despite the government’s bravado about the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) being the country’s economic powerhouse, one important question still gets an elusive answer: Has the EEC fulfilled its promise of protecting the environment? The environmental concern is valid. Take the Eastern Seaboard, for example — the location of heavy industry as well as the Map […]

BMA fails capital’s children in need

Whoever wins, the new Bangkok governor must bridge the appalling education disparity between the rich and the poor to give children in need a better fighting chance in life Whoever wins, he or she has no excuse not to. Bangkok has an annual budget of over 80 billion baht. Its administration is independent of the […]

Better design of roads can save lives

The tragic death of Dr Waraluck Supawatjariyakul, an ophthalmologist with Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine, who was hit by a powerful big bike as she was negotiating a zebra crossing in January highlights a sad fact about the danger pedestrians face in their everyday lives. Apart from the recklessness of the motorcyclist who is also […]

Megaprojects need local participation

In January the Chana Rakthin Group, a grassroots movement from Chana district in Songkhla province, returned to the capital to protest against the Chana Industrial Complex Project, a few weeks after about 30 of its members – mostly women and the elderly – were arrested during protests last December. The demands of the villagers were […]

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