Creating Indicator System: Survival Sufficiency Sustainability

It has been more than 45 years since the foundation of Mae Fah Luang Foundation (MFL) Under Royal Patronage. The development of the Mae Fah Luang approach has been expanded from the pilot area or Doi Tung Development Project, Chiang Rai province, to other areas in Thailand and abroad.

The Mae Fah Luang area-based development approach was initiated in 1972 by HRH Princess Srinagarindra, the founder of the Thai Hill Crafts Foundation under the Royal Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra. The project has been continuing over the years with Sustainable Alternative Livelihood Development (SALD) as the development approach. The project’s mission is to facilitate sustainable development taking into account the social, economic, cultural and environmental dimensions utilising trainings, working in partnership with other agencies, consultancy, advocacy, while promoting the development based on the Mae Fah Luang Foundation Approach to become one of the main development strategies of Thailand.

Mae Fah Luang’s Development Approach categorizes development into 3 stages also known as the 3S Model i.e. Survival, Sufficiency and Sustainability. The 3S Model becomes a unique characteristic of Mae Fah Luang Approach with an advantage in further clarification of development goals in each stage. For example, at Survival stage, the goal is to make people in target area immune from severe famines, as well as, life-threatening illnesses. At Sufficiency stage, the goal is to raise the standard of living so that people live with sufficient resources. At the final stage which is Sustainability stage, the goal is to make sufficient living sustainable. In other words, there should not be much fluctuation of living standard or significant risk of falling into the lower stages. It could be stated, therefore, that 3S Model of development are sequential as well as intertwined, providing clear path of development.

In addition, each stage of development is separated into social, economic and environmental dimensions. This means that the development at each stage will concern all aspects important to the lives of people in the project area.

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