Helping workers survive automation

Ratree Prasomsup Despite their different politics, successive governments similarly promised to produce a skilled workforce to move the country out of the middle-income trap. They also similarly failed. The country’s challenges are now even greater with the rapidly changing employment landscape from disruptive technology. Don’t blame it on a lack of policy vision.All major national […]

Tap the young to save greying society

Sirawitch Rattanaprateeptong Nawathas Thasanabanchong With a rapidly greying population, it is time for Thailand to equip every single youth with proper education and skills so they can help sustain the economy and shoulder the rising costs of elderly care. Sadly this is not happening. Much attention has been given to the unemployment of new graduates, […]

Respect labour rights to avert sanction

Yongyuth Chalamwong Ratree Prasomsup Apart from the baht getting stronger, Thai exports will suffer another big blow when the United States cuts Thailand’s duty-free trade privileges due to the poor protection of workers’ rights.From April, the suspension of trade privileges for Thailand under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) will affect a wide range of […]

Thai economy’s rocky road in 2020

Kirida Bhaopichitr The Thai economy will continue to grow slowly in 2020, albeit slightly faster than this year. It is projected to expand at 2.5-3.0%, compared with 2.5% in 2019, in line with faster growth in the global economy next year. The Thai economy’s main drivers in 2020 will be recoveries in export volumes and […]

Old laws a brake on express delivery

Urairat Jantarasiri           Want to eat delicious food from famous restaurants without having to brave the notorious Bangkok traffic? Want to buy the latest mobile phone gadgets without leaving the comfort of your home? You are not alone.          Millions of Thais also want to have food and goods delivered right to their doorsteps, which is why Bangkok’s […]

A win-win for nature and the economy

Sunthorn Tunmuntong The Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year went to three visionary scientists for “creating a rechargeable world”. Their works can help recharge the Thai economy too if the government does the right thing to support the lithiumion industry. Before we discuss policies, let’s remember that every time we recharge our mobile phones and […]

Scholar’s rich public legacy

ฺBangkok post – Editorial The death of renowned economist Deunden Nikomborirak, who was killed by a falling tree at her home in Bangkok yesterday, is a great loss not only for the research community but also for all consumers in Thailand. In her work at the Thailand Development Research Institute, Deunden’s numerous studies provided profound insights and, at […]

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