How to succeed in the age of AI

NUTHASID RUKKIATWONG KOTCHAKORN KHWAMCHAREON Recent waves of technological innovation will have a deep impact on the labour market due to their rapidly expanding ability to perform human tasks and the declining cost of implementing them. Some of the most disruptive advances occur in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), where machines learn to perform tasks […]

Farm loans: Stepping stone or trap?

  NONARIT BISONYABUT PONTAKORN VORAPAMORN SARANCHANA THITISAWAN PORNPAWEE LEERAPONGKUL It is widely accepted that farmers’ access to financial resources is one of the key success factors to promote agricultural development. In fact, the Thai government has established many specialised financial institutions to serve such a purpose. The basic idea is to grant loans to farmers […]

US-China trade war may benefit Thailand long term

KIRIDA BHAOPICHITR PUNPREECHA BHUTHONG KITTIPHAT BUAUBOL As a small, open economy, Thailand stands to be affected by global economic developments. The recovery of the US economy, with higher interest rates and bond yield rates, has an impact on capital flows and the Thai baht exchange rate. The rise in global oil prices from geopolitical tensions […]

Financing adaptation and building resilience: Lessons from innovative finding research in Africa and Asia

  Session ID:S142 Financing adaptation and building resilience: Lessons from innovative finding research in Africa and Asia Chair and coordinator:  Nipon Poapongsakorn, Thailand Development Research Institute, Thailand. Rapporteur: Jonas Fleer, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany. Sponsor Organization: IDRC. Presentation number 1 Presenter (name and affiliation) Aileen V. Lapitan / University of the Philippines […]

Using technology to fill the gap in welfare delivery

Bonnwara Sumano & Suttipong Kanakanorn The threat of digitally disruptive technologies has caused many people to grow concerned as they fret about disappearing jobs due to greater automation and advanced technology replacing humans on factory floors, in offices and elsewhere. But such technology can also work wonders to improve the country’s welfare delivery system. Better […]

‘Education sandbox’: Reforming the way to reform

Nicha Pittayapongsakorn Public education is sensitive to policy interventions, often with unintended consequences. Some changes such as an increase in teacher rewards or a tweak in curriculum design can cause a long-lasting effect on how schools operate, how teachers teach and ultimately how students learn. The Thai education system is under pressure not only to […]

YSEALI Critical Thinking in Classrooms Regional Workshop

Nattanan Ammarananthasak Supported by the U.S. Embassy Bangkok, the Asia Foundation held a regional workshop “YSEALI Critical Thinking in Classrooms” which brought together 60 participants from ASEAN countries to spend 6 days in Bangkok learning about integrating critical thinking skills in classrooms, education gaps, social challenges, disinformation, and fake news. Sharing the mission of improving […]

How Thais can reap more Alibaba investment benefits

Saowaruj Rattanakhamfu Alibaba’s planned investment in Thailand has made the country more attractive as a Southeast Asia e-commerce and digital hub.Last month, Alibaba Group, one of the world’s largest e-commerce businesses, announced that it would invest in a “smart digital hub” in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and cooperate with the Thai government to develop […]

Reorienting the Thai Economy to Prepare for the Age of Technological Disruptions

Like it or not, Thailand has to face up to the challenges of disruptive technologies, which have already radically affected many sectors of its economy, from agriculture and industry, to professionals and other services. Unfortunately, the country has yet to formulate a clear strategy about how to confront this challenge. The Thailand Development Research Institute […]

‘Disrupters’ challenge old power grid

Wichsinee Wibulpolprasert Thailand’s electricity production has relied heavily on natural gas for the past several decades. In an attempt to increase energy security, the most recent Power Development Plan (2015) proposed a transition away from natural gas and towards a more diversified portfolio of renewable, hydro and coal. However, the government’s plans to build two […]

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