End monopoly for cheap, clean energy

If Thailand hopes to honour its global pledge to mitigate climate change by becoming carbon neutral by 2050, there is one way to do it — electricity liberalisation. The “why” is obvious. The power sector is the country’s biggest carbon offender, generating over 42% of the country’s carbon emissions. The big question is how? Switching […]

“Electricity liberalization, the way of leading the country towards clean, affordable, and equitable electricity”

Areeporn Asawinpongphan “In light of Thailand’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the power sector is considered the most crucial in supporting this goal. The continuous and high rate of electricity consumption in Thailand has led the electricity sector being the largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions. Apart from that, in the private sector, […]

‘Disrupters’ challenge old power grid

Wichsinee Wibulpolprasert Thailand’s electricity production has relied heavily on natural gas for the past several decades. In an attempt to increase energy security, the most recent Power Development Plan (2015) proposed a transition away from natural gas and towards a more diversified portfolio of renewable, hydro and coal. However, the government’s plans to build two […]