Making exports for a low-carbon era

Exports have been Thailand’s important growth engine for many decades. A number of Thailand’s export destinations have shown increasing interest in and support for low-carbon products. Failure to meet global demand for low-carbon products risks Thailand’s competitiveness in international trade. The options are clear: either adapt to the low-carbon market by reducing the amount of […]

Low-carbon transition with data

Amid escalating climate crisis concerns, the imperative for businesses to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions does not slow down their growth; instead, it paves the way for new opportunities. Cutting emissions actually enables businesses to curb costs and access new markets in the climate-conscious era. Success stories abound. For instance, a retail company in home […]

Thailand’s green economy challenge

Climate concerns are reshaping the job market across the globe, leading to a rise in “green” jobs tailored for low-carbon economies. Success now hinges on adaptability to this new job landscape.           Thailand needs to act swiftly. As a country deeply woven into the global supply chain and reliant on exports and foreign investment, failing to […]

Transforming Thailand into a Low-Carbon Economy and Society

By Somkiat Tangkitvanich Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) 1. The Twin Climate Change Challenges Addressing global climate change is crucial for the survival of Thailand’s economy. This involves confronting challenges related to both reducing greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide[1] (“mitigation”), and preparing for more severe climatic conditions (“adaptation”). For instance, mitigation efforts include transitioning […]