Financing adaptation and building resilience: Lessons from innovative finding research in Africa and Asia

  Session ID:S142 Financing adaptation and building resilience: Lessons from innovative finding research in Africa and Asia Chair and coordinator:  Nipon Poapongsakorn, Thailand Development Research Institute, Thailand. Rapporteur: Jonas Fleer, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany. Sponsor Organization: IDRC. Presentation number 1 Presenter (name and affiliation) Aileen V. Lapitan / University of the Philippines […]

Thai farming lags behind its Asean peers

The farming sector is showing signs of weakness as competitors in the region, such as Vietnam, are starting to do better in many products, warn researchers at the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI). Market openings under a farm agreement of the Asean Economic Community have impacted farm products in Thailand,partly due to market access and […]

Agriculture 4.0: Obstacles and how to break through

NIPON POAPONGSAKORN PHUNJASIT CHOKESOMRITPOL Thailand 4.0 is the Thai government’s new economic model aimed at pulling the country out of the middleincome trap. For agriculture, it means a seven-fold increase in average annual income of farmers from 56,450 baht to 390,000 baht within the next 20 years – an extremely difficult, if not impossible objective […]

TDRI suggests rice research centre

  PATHOM SANGWONGWANICH Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) fellows are urging the government to establish a Rice Market Development Institute to enhance scientific research, disseminate credible information to farmers and entrepreneurs and improve the competitiveness of Thai rice cultivation. Nipon Poapongsakorn, a distinguished fellow at the TDRI, said that a finalised proposal will be submitted […]

Bangkok Post Report: Money for the poor

Analysis: Negative income tax hopes to succeed where other social aid schemes have failed Developing countries by definition face a constant struggle against the problems of poverty and income inequality. Thailand is no exception. Over the past few decades, despite steady economic growth and industrialisation, inequality has remained a persistent and divisive factor within Thai […]