Climate change hits tourism in North

Kannika ThampanishvongPramon Karnchanapimonkul The impacts of climate change and global warming are severely affecting tourism all over the globe, and Thailand is no exception.For instance, Colorado boasts the largest winter tourism industry in the United States. But it is already experiencing rises in temperature, large declines in snowpack and shorter winter seasons – all of […]

Soi Ari sets the street market example

Chakorn Loetnithat Trying to bring order to Bangkok’s street food and street markets has long been a hot issue in the country’s capital. Whenever the authorities try to ban vendors from selling food or merchandise on footpaths, the question arises: Is banning the only solution? Aren’t there any other alternatives that might take into account […]

Blockchain apps: good uses vs abuse

Aphinya Siranart Blockchain is so hyped right now. Everyone is talking about it and no one wants to be left off of the blockchain bandwagon. Potential applications span across different industries, from agriculture to financial services to energy. Solving supply-chain problems, expediting cross-border payments, and enabling peer-to-peer energy trading are some of the popularly used […]

Think tanks key to green growth

NIPON POAPONGSAKORN ANDREW HURST Among the key lessons learned from international development experience to date, one in particular stands out – that public policies work best when they are designed and implemented by actors on the ground. This applies to domestic as well as regional and international policies, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Without […]

Minimum wage – a blessing or a curse?

MAX NEU & KWANKAMON THANADKAH “Thailand is a splendid candidate for applying automatisation to minimum wage increases.” The minimum wage is, and has been, a controversial topic among economic experts and the public.On one side of the spectrum, neoclassical economists claim it is counterproductive in terms of employment as it increases employers’ overheads and serves […]

Quality over quantity will lift tourism image

Khanitha Pakinamhang Tourism has long been an important source of revenue for Thailand. Last year, there were approximately 35 million visitors to Thailand, generating total income of around 1.8 trillion baht, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Unfortunately, in recent years Thailand’s tourism industry has been affected by what is dubbed as “poor […]

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